It feels like thunder! It should! This is the closest you can get to the base of the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. At one time the only way to experience the falls from the base was to scramble down the rock-face, over huge boulders, and perhaps use fallen tree branches as a ladder. The first enclosed stairway built in 1818, replaced by a spiral staircase to the site in 1832. Today access to the base of the falls is much more civilised.

Are you one of the 8 million people who visit Niagara Falls this year? From vantage points close to the Table Rock Visitor Centre you can see the thundering water plunge over the Horseshoe Falls.

Journey Behind the Falls

View from the tunnelsTo access the Journey Behind the Falls you will need to take the lift/elevator down from the Table Rock visitor centre. From here, you will have seen the water disappearing over the lip in free-fall to the river bed below. To visit this attraction you will descend 150 ft/47 metres to the tunnels behind the falls. Watch out these tunnels are slippery at any time of the year and in the winter are very icy.

The Journey Behind The Falls is a captivating experience. You will perhaps never see as much water as you do here. I said it feels like thunder, there is a vibration you can feel though the caves as the water crashes down to the base of the falls. It is raw, the power of nature.

Journey Behind the FallsFrom here you can walk look out from behind the massive sheet of water as is cascades down.

You can also go outside and see the Observation Decks. The view from the Lower Deck, shown here. Please be aware that of the two decks only the Upper Deck is wheelchair accessible.

There is no question about it, despite the biodegradable rain poncho provided as protection, you will get wet as one-fifth of the world’s fresh water comes crashing over this waterfall. I normally wear a gore-tex jacket for extra protection, but even this only keeps my upper body dry. It can be quite cool down in these tunnels, even on a hot summers day.

To see all the sights most visitors spend 30 to 40 minutes exploring the tunnels and observation decks. If I go down I feel I could spend an hour or two looking at the falls from the observation decks, looking for the perfect shot (never found it yet). The wait to descend into the tunnels is quite lengthy in the summer months.

During the summer months this attraction is open 9am till 10pm. In the winter it is open more limited hours. Check the Niagara Parks website for full opening hours and prices.

Other Attractions at Table Rock

Overlooking Niagara Falls by Pexels CC0 Public Domain

  • The Welcome Centre – the first place for information about the various attractions in the region.
  • Niagara’s Fury – an immersive 4-D experience to help you feel like you were present for the creation of the falls.
  • Table Rock Food Court – Get your choice from Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza, Table Rock Grill.
  • Shopping at Table Rock – Including a new store on the second floor.
  • Elements on the Falls Restaurant – The perfect place to dine, overlooking the brink of the falls.

Journey behind the falls

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