Niagara Falls, a beautiful place to have you great adventure.” It is true. Coming to Niagara falls is the perfect start of a great adventure with the city and surrounding countryside having so much to offer the visitor. Start from the very edge of the falls, through the state park and Goat Island and adventure out.
Cave of the winds AdventureThe views of the waterfalls are arguably not as spectacular as on the Canadian side of the river. There is still much for the visitor to enjoy as part of their great adventure. From Goat Island it is possible to have a spectacular view of the Horseshoe Falls. The via the Cave of the Winds attraction you will be able to see the falls from the bottom of the gorge. The route takes you underneath the base of the Bridal Veil Falls and look up at the fury of the water coming down from above. Soooo… cooling as the temperature reaches the 80s and 90s on the Fahrenheit scale (into the thirties Celsius). This is my favourite place to go on a hot summers day, it is nature’s air conditioning system at work. I could stay for hours.
One of the great aspects of Niagara Falls is that it is the ideal place for lovers, whether you have been in love for a day, for many years, or even many decades this place has its romantic charm. It is known as the world’s greatest honeymoon destination. With good reason – it can be the perfect surroundings for that romantic journey. After walking through the state parks and taking in all the scenery it is perfect to complete the day in a relaxing spa or perhaps roaming the local restaurants.
Maid of the Mist logoPacked along the river’s edge are 10 to 12 blocks of great places to enjoy, including:
  • The Maid of the Mist boat ride.
  • Niagara Adventure Theater.
  • The Niagara State Park Visitor Centre.
  • The Observation Tower.
  • Haunted House attraction.
  • Aquarium of Niagara.
  • Cave of the Winds.
  • Niagara Gorge Discovery Center.
  • Devils Hole State Park.
  • Whirlpool State Park.
  • Niagara Air Helicopter tour.
  • Niagara Aerospace Museum.
  • Seneca Casino.
The water running over the falls will leave a powerful memory and there are so many places to walk and enjoy. Take the helicopter tour and you can see this all from above, perhaps the only way to look down over the precipice of the falls. Your adrenaline should pump as you experience everything to see.
The Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest state park in the United States. It was first laid out by landscape architect Frederick Olmstead and provides a perfect place to walk and enjoy everything nature has to offer. Much of Niagara Falls and the land along the edge of the Niagara River forms part of the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area, one of 49 such areas in the USA. There is a hop-on, hop-off shuttle bus that travels the length of the scenic Niagara River corridor, even as far as Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown.
Aquarium of NiagaraAlong the gorge you will find the Aquarium of Niagara, which provides the opportunity to look at fantastic underwater creatures. Nemo exists here and the aquarium is proud of their exhibits.
To the north of Niagara Falls you will find the city of Lewiston, which also has many interesting places to visit.
In addition anyone visiting Niagara Falls New York is advised to visit the Fashion Outlet Mall and look at the great bargains on offer. It is about a 10 minute drive from downtown Niagara Falls to this mall with over 200 stores from top design companies.There are plenty of tours stopping here as well as ample parking. The Three Sisters Trading Post on Main Street, not far from the Rainbow bridge has souvenirs and gifts to take home to your friends, or for those future memories.
Niagara County also has many places of interest, including:
  • Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown – Loaded with history for the inquisitive.
  • Wineries and Breweries in Wilson, Olcott, and near Lockport.
  • The Erie Canal, running from North Tonawanda through Lockport then eastward towards New York City.
  • Beaches along the shores of Lake Ontario.
  • Fishing, along the Niagara River, in Lakes Erie and Ontario
The Niagara Falls New York official visitor centre, located on Rainbow Boulevard, just outside the state park, and on Prospect Street. A great resource for information about everything that is happening in the area. It has maps of the area and staff that are very knowledgeable. My knowledge of the American side of the river is far less than my intimate knowledge of the Canadian side, so I was glad of their assistance when planning the places to visit.
All of the state parks along the edge of the Niagara River can be both a great place to walk and relax while enjoying the scenery. They can also be a great place for bike rides. The city may only few a few hundred yards away, but this is a complete change of scene and feels a world away. There are also many locations for fishing, if that is your hobby of choice.
The Erie Canal, started in 1817 and completed eight years later. The canal provides a trading route to the heart of New York city avoiding the St Lawrence waterway. Today, the Erie Canal is mostly used by recreational boats, with only occasional cargo-carrying barges or ships. For a full history take a look at the website. In the county town of Lockport it is possible to take a canal tour which includes ascending the double locks up the Niagara Escarpment, you will see the original five locks that were a part of the early canal. There is more to do in Lockport than simply look at the canal, so if your are visiting the lovely town take a look around at some of its historic sites.
The American Side of the Falls
To truly experience the awe of Niagara Falls you also need to look at it from the Canadian side of the river as well. The following, Government of Canada site, shows you all you need to know about entering Canada, look at the general criteria and specific information about crossing at the land border.
Amtrak has now moved the station to a more convenient location, closer to the Canadian border, off Main Street. This is a modern station, with modern facilities, including disabled access (which was problematic at the old site). Niagara Falls NY also has an airport, airport code IAG. Access to the city by road is via the I-190, which also connects to the Canadian border at the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge.

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